Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Applications for summer 2018 notice

Financial Aid will be awarded only to current financial aid recipients for this summer. Current recipients do not have to complete a financial aid application for summer aid. All summer financial aid will match each recipient’s current award up to 25% for example, if you are receiving 10% in financial aid you will continue to receive this percent. If you are receiving 50% for the summer, it will be reduced to the maximum award of 25%.

There is limited financial aid available for summer camps which is designated for new families only. If you are a new family requesting financial aid for summer camps please complete the summer camps financial aid application, click here.

Financial aid awards are based on need.  The amount of financial aid is determined by a sliding scale, which takes into account household income and number of exemptions. View the financial aid grid here.

For questions regarding our financial aid program please feel free to contact Student Services at 612-321-0100.

Questions regarding our financial aid program?

Call Student Services at 612-321-0100 or Contact Us