MacPhail Story: Holly & John

From chorus, to clarinet, cello and beyond, Holly MacDonald and John Orbison are no strangers to trying new things with 5 instruments between them including voice. While their recent endeavor of starting the cello initially brought them to MacPhail, they’ve since then taken their chorus background to the Voices of Experience ensemble with Jerry Rubino and their passion for the cello to new heights with the New Horizons Orchestra, despite nerves when first thinking of joining the group.

“It’s designed for people like us… either who played as youngsters and are now coming back to their instrument or retirees that are just now starting…also for those who have never played in a group before. It’s really for all comers.”

Holly MacDonald

“Being at MacPhail has given us opportunities to meet and get to know some really outstanding musicians and make music because a lot of them are here. The ones that aren’t here are usually known by those that are!”

John Orbison
Published on Date: Jan 25, 2022
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