MacPhail on Madeline Island

The idyllic setting of Madeline Island is the perfect place to get away from the noise of everyday life. Immersed together in music, collaboration, joy, and the majesty of the island, our event and retreat attendees relax and recharge while enjoying music at a whole new level.

At MacPhail on Madeline Island, we host a few special events and retreats that are close to our hearts.

There are multiple ways to enjoy MacPhail on Madeline Island: enjoy a Madeline Island Chamber Music (a program of MacPhail) concert in June or July; bring the family to Kidfest in August and dance in the park and then later that evening enjoy jazz in our clubhouse; or attend one of our specially themed music retreats.

This has been the most fun and meaningful week of music I’ve ever had. We learned new pieces and had fun playing together. In our free time, we bonded while playing Mancala, Twister, and Uno. We swam in Lake Superior, which was FREEZING. We canoed. Then, before bed one night, my friends and I noticed the stars; We ended up star gazing for hours. It was surreal.
The stars were so bright, like nothing we could’ve seen in the cities.

MacPhail Northside Youth Orchestra student, about their retreat to MacPhail on Madeline Island

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