Varsity Ensembles

MacPhail Center for Music’s Preeminent High School Music Ensembles for Talented & Highly Motivated Students

a woodwind ensemble

Varsity Ensembles:


  • Woodwind Quintet w/ Nina Olsen 
  • Saxophone Quartet w/ Greg Keel 
  • Brass Trio w/ Karl Wiederwohl 
  • Rimshots! (Percussion ensemble) w/ Paul Babcock 

MacPhail Center for Music’s Varsity Ensembles are a FULL-SCHOLARSHIP program for accepted students.

The Varsity Ensembles feature top student talent from around the area. MacPhail esteemed faculty provide superior technical, musical, and performance instruction as well as coaching and mentorship. 

Membership in these ensembles is based on the ability of a student who performs music of above-average difficulty and their demonstration of a high level of commitment and responsibility. An application and audition is required for Varsity Ensembles selection.

Varsity Ensembles: 

All students interested in MacPhail Varsity Ensembles are required to apply and attend a placement audition.  Students will audition for all opportunities and are placed in ensembles that best match their skills and availability. 

Varsity Ensemble Details: 

Ensembles will rehearse and perform for the entirety of the school year, September 2023 – June 2024.
Deadline for Applications is June 4, 2023 at noon CST.
Auditions: Sunday, June 18, 2023. 
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