Next Steps for Ages 3 & Up in Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®

What’s next?

If you are wondering what steps to take next, here are a few class offerings to continue your child’s musical exploration.

Suzuki Stars

Ages 3 to 5

Suzuki Stars is a great stepping stone towards our Suzuki Talent Education program. This class will help your child learn crucial music readiness skills, such as vocal development, steady beat, note reading, and exposure to Suzuki repertoire. Your child will also get hands-on experience playing Suzuki instruments like Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, and Guitar!


Ages 4 to 6

In this class, children will get to experience, explore, and try instruments from many different families. This spring, students will try their hand at orchestral strings, winds, and brass! They will also get the opportunity to learn about various important musical concepts that will help prepare them for future musical study in a fun and playful way. Musical games, stories, and visual art projects will all help to introduce and solidify such musical concepts as steady beat, quiet vs. loud, and high pitch vs. low pitch.

Musical World

Ages 5 to 7

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® offers a diverse world music curriculum that allows children to learn about the culture, music, stories, people, instruments, and art from various countries while also learning musical concepts such as rhythmic notation, playing rhythm instruments, and creating through improvisation. Exposing your child to world music and multi-cultural art can help to promote tolerance, openness, and a greater appreciation of diversity.

Ukulele and More

Ages 6 to 8

If your child has interest in learning an instrument, Ukulele is a great one for beginners! This class will teach your child how to play familiar and new songs, as well as proper instrument care and playing technique. We will also play games, learn songs, read and write music, and build improvisational skills! Children will also get to play various other instruments like piano, recorder, and xylophone—they might even find a favorite one!

Published on Date: Jan 23, 2024
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