Q:    Do you have financial aid?

A:    Yes. We offer financial aid to qualifying students in the form of reduced tuition. Applications are made available April 1 and are due by the middle of July. However we do accept financial aid requests throughout the year. Financial assistance awards cover both the fall and spring semesters. Summer financial aid awards may be available if resources allow. Learn more.


Q:    Do you have scholarships?

A:    Yes. There are 39 merit-based performance scholarships awarded annually to current and potential students based on performance excellence. Awards range from $175 – $1,500 and must be used by students at MacPhail. Applications are available in March with auditions in June. Learn more.


Q:    What’s the difference between Financial Aid and Scholarships?

A:    Financial Aid is reduced tuition for qualifying students, regardless of age, skill level or other factors. Performance Scholarships are merit-based for students who demonstrate a high level of skill in the audition or passion for their music learning. The four categories of Scholarships are: Performance, Need-Based, Composition and Religious Study Scholarships. To learn more, go to: Financial Aid or Scholarships


Q:    What is the tuition cost?

A:    The cost varies depending on the program. Click for details or call 612-321-0100.


Q:    Do you offer payment options?

A:    Yes. We have several payment options. Go to Tuition and Fees for details.


Q:    How do I get started?

A:    There are a variety of ways to get started:

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®, Group Classes/Ensembles, Camps: You can complete your registration online today. Simply select your favorite offering and submit your registration.

Individual Lessons: Submit the brief Placement Form to start the Placement Process to find the right teacher match for you.

Suzuki Talent Education: Learn more about the Suzuki process here

Music Therapy: Submit the online Intake Form or contact the music therapy manager at 612-767-5596.


Q:    Can I start lessons mid-way through a semester?

A:    You can start Individual Lessons or Music Therapy midway through the semester, but it is harder to start Group lessons or Suzuki lessons midway through due to the sequential nature of the program. Call 612.321.0100 for more information.


Q:    What are your hours?

A:    Hours are different each season and each site… View our locations.


Q:    Where can I park and how much will it cost?

A:    MINNEAPOLIS SITE: Several parking ramps are nearby which range in price from $7 on weekdays and $4 on weekends, as well as metered street parking. Debit cards are available for MacPhail families, faculty and staff at the Student Services counter for the Portland Ave. Ramp (enter on Portland Ave) and the Depot Hotel parking (enter on 5th Ave). The cards can be purchased at Student Services in the amount of $35. There are four accessible parking stalls available and ramps at curbs by all entrances and exits for accessibility. A drop off and pick up site is available on the east side of the building. Click here for additional information.

A:   ACCESS SITES: All Access Sites have free, on-site parking. Accessible parking is available at each site as well. Click here for locations information.


Q:    Does MacPhail offer lessons outside of Minneapolis?

A:    Yes! We have sites in Apple Valley, AustinChanhassen, New Horizon Academy and White Bear Lake. Plus, MacPhail now offers Live Online Lessons. For more information go to MacPhail Online.

MacPhail also brings music learning to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it at more than 92 Community Partnership locations, such as preschools, schools and nursing homes. Click here for a full list.


Q:    Where can I buy or rent instruments, instrument parts or lesson books?

A:    Ask your instructor for suggestions, or you can find a list of resources here. Go to Resources/Instrument Resources


Q:    What other kinds of events take place at MacPhail?

A:    MacPhail offers more than 450 events and concerts throughout the year that are open to everyone, including: MacPhail Spotlight Series concerts, the MacPhail Free Family Music Event and numerous faculty and students recitals. Learn more


Q:    Is there a list of instructors who will play for an outside event/wedding/party, etc?

A:    Yes, click here for our “Musician Referral” list.


Q:    Why should I bring my child who is only six weeks old to a music class? What will they get out of it at that young of an age?

A:    Studies have shown that exposure to music at an early age increases brain development, which can lead to an overall improvement in cognitive functions beginning from birth throughout childhood. Our Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® classes are a great way to bond with your baby, learn songs and games and connect with other parents.


Q:    Is MacPhail only for serious music students?

A:    No. We welcome students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Our students range from absolute beginners to conservatory-bound students. Whatever their level, all our students have one thing in common – a love of music.