Brass Lessons & Classes at MacPhail

MacPhail offers individualized lessons on Trumpet/Cornet, Trombone, Tuba/Euphonium, and French Horn in different styles.

Our faculty are experts and bring decades of professional experience and dedication to your lessons. Whatever your interests; chamber ensembles, orchestra, jazz, world music, contemporary rock or pop, etc., you will benefit from their range of knowledge. Your lessons are tailored to increase your musical confidence, creativity, and meet your individualized goals.

Together with this instruction, MacPhail’s master classes, jam sessions, and performance opportunities offer students a myriad of playing opportunities.

Ready to start learning? Find the option that’s right for you.

Opportunities to enhance your experience at MacPhail:

Teacher playing a tuba, young student holding a trumpet, student looking at teacher

“I love the beautiful simplicity of brass playing.  Like speaking and singing, an expressive brass performance is an organic act.  There is a logical–often intuitive–sequence of actions that lead to a desired result.  Dedicated brass study gives students the opportunity to appreciate logic, trust themselves, and ultimately manifest their intellect through music.”

Karl Wiederwohl, MacPhail Brass Teaching Artist

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