Doug Rasmussen, All-State Jazz Band Etudes 

Jazz All State Etudes by Set:

Set 2 (2020)

Alto Sax Set 2
Aux Percussion Set 2
Baritone Sax Set 2
Bass Trombone Set 2
Double Bass Set 2
Drums Set 2
Guitar Set 2
Piano Set 2
Tenor Sax Set 2
Trombone Set 2
Trumpet Set 2


Set 1
Bass Trombone Set 1
Drum Set, Set 1
Guitar Set 1
Piano Set 1
Saxophone Set 1
Trombone Set 1
Trumpet Set 1
Vibraphone Set 1


Doug Rasmussen
Doug Rasmussen

Note from Doug Rasmussen, Composer – Jazz Etudes

For me Jazz performance is about style and tone quality. If it doesn’t sound hip there is no point in playing it, no matter how good your chops are. Maybe to some extent this is about my own personal journey. Chops always came easily to me but I had to really work at getting a beautiful tone on the saxophone and developing a good jazz style was something that took some time and effort. In this etude I tried to give an opportunity for all the instruments to demonstrate style and tone in two differing styles, swing and funk. This etude can also be played as an ensemble as it was my goal to create an audition that could also be performed. Jazz is a social art. It is also my hope that you like the tune…

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