MMEA All-State Video Tutorials 2018


Set 1 




Woodwind, Brass, & Percussion All State Etudes by Timothy Mahr, Set 1 & Set 2.

Set 1
Bass Clarinet in Bb Set 1
Bass Trombone Set 1
Clarinet Set 1
Euphonium Set 1
French Horn Set 1
Flute Set 1
Alto Saxophone Set 1
Snare Set 1
Timpani Set 1
Trombone Set 1
Trumpet Set 1
Tuba Set 1
Xylophone Set 1


Set 2

Alto Saxophone Set 2
Baritone Horn Set 2
Bass Clarinet Set 2
Bb Tenor Saxophone Set 2
Clarinet Set 2
Trumpet Set 2
Eb Baritone Saxophone Set 2
Flute Set 2
French Horn Set 2
Oboe Set 2
Snare Drum Set 2
Timpani Set 2
Trombone Set 2
Tuba Set 2
Xylophone Set 2

Timothy Mahr
Timothy Mahr

Note from Timothy Mahr, Composer

“It was my intent to have these etudes cover many technical issues in the most musical manner possible. Having conducted over twenty all state bands across this nation, I know what kind of performance level I hope to encounter with an all state ensemble, and I composed these etudes with that standard in mind. If a student works hard to prepare the MMEA All State Audition Etude, his or her level of musicianship should be such that the audition should be noteworthy. It is my hope that the challenges contained in the etudes will inspire diligent work and, in fact, ready the student for a memorable all state experience. Good luck!”

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