Kyle Carpenter, CEO
Paul Babcock, President and COO
Anne Polta, Executive Assistant

Jackie Peterson, VP of Development
Jill Dent, Grants Assistant
Leigh Wilson-Mattson, Major Gifts Officer
Max Erickson, Events Manager
Jenelle Montoya, Grants Manager
Lisa Salzl, Individual Gifts Manager
Dave Afdahl, Development Data Administrator

Cassie Noll, Marketing Manager
Claire Forrest, Digital Communications and PR Coordinator
Dan Gunderson, Videographer
Savanna Gohmann, Graphic Design Intern

Brian Braden, Vice President and CFO
Kathy Jelinek, Business Manager
Kath Sharp, Accountant
Ann Jordan, Accounting Assistant

Kristen Blue, Director of Human Resources
Sonja Oelfke, Human Resources and Payroll Assistant

Chris Waterbury, IT Director
Phil Welch, Web & Multimedia Technician
Stu Mathews, IT Support Technician

Neale Holleschau, Facilities Manager
Sam Gerard, Facilities Maintenance Engineer
Donte Robinson, Facilities Assistant
Gerard Boissy, Facilities Assistant
Shirley Serrano, Custodian
Stanley Lewis, Custodian
Brigette Blesi, Facilities Set-Up Assistant
Erik Schee, Facilities Set-Up Assistant
Bret Johnson, Facilities Set-Up Assistant
Nick Braden, Facilities Set-Up Assistant


Program Services
Mike Alexander, Program Services Coordinator
Bjorn Grina, Program Services Assistant
Cheryl Collins, Austin Site Manager
Lindsay Lewis, McKnight Fellowship Administrator
Mischa Santora, Spotlight Series Artistic Director

School Partnerships,
Roque Diaz, Director of School Partnerships
Sarah Drebelbis, School Partnerships Manager
Anna Ostroushko, School Partnerships Coordinator

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®
Dianna Babcock, Director of Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®
Allison Akins, Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® Department Manager
Tricia Wangerin, Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® Department Assistant

Group Instruction
Melissa Falb, Director of Group Instruction
Craig Anderson, Coordinator of Ensembles and Certificate Program Coordinator
Jeremy Swider, Chamber Music Coordinator

Individual Lessons
Timothy De Prey, Director of Individual Instruction
Jon Iverson, Student Performance Coordinator
Jessica Schroeder, Staff Accompanist
Miryana Moteva, Staff Accompanist

MacPhail Music for Life™
Jeanie Brindley-Barnett, Co-Founder, Senior Teaching Artist MacPhail Music for Life™
Heather VanderLey, Interim MacPhail Music for Life™ Manager
Quinn Shadko, Giving Voice Chorus Administrative Assistant

Online School Partnerships
Sarah Drebelbis, School Partnerships Manager
Bob Adney, Online School Partnerships Lead Teacher

Music Therapy
Melissa Wenszell, Co-Founder and Senior Music Therapist
Jessica Nagel, Music Therapy Administrator
Alanna Williamson, Music Therapy Mentor

Prelude Program (High School)
Manon Gimlett, Prelude Program Director
Thaxter Cunio, Prelude Coordinator

Student Services
Elysa Hays, Student Services Manager
James Haas, Student Services Assistant Manager
Sean Alter, Site Coordinator, Apple Valley
Patrick Cannady, Site Coordinator, Chanhassen
Justin Hartke, Individual Placement Lead
Josh Cameron, Registration Systems Administration
Susan LaVelle, Student Services Assistant
Maren Lundgren, Student Services Assistant
Marja Ronnholm-Howland, Student Services Assistant
Erik Schee, Student Services Assistant
Weily Shay, Student Services Assistant
Munya Tirivepi, Student Services Assistant
Alice Tylutki, Student Services Assistant, Austin
Jamie Weinfurter, Student Services Assistant
Minna Zhou, Student Services Assistant

Suzuki Talent Education
Beth Turco, Director of Suzuki Talent Education
Heather VanderLey, String Group and Department Coordinator
Annette Lee, Suzuki Department Accompanist
Kamini Larusso, Suzuki Assistant Director
Susan Sophocleus, Piano Group Coordinator
Jean Seils, Guitar Group Coordinator

Updated: 10/29/18